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Kirill Temnenkov
parentUserGroupId column is not yet being used?
25 juin 2012 21:22

Kirill Temnenkov

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I read an article Permissioning - found a text
Users can inherit permissions/roles from UserGroups. In Liferay 4.4, parentUserGroupId column is not yet being used.

Right now I have Liferay 6.1.0-ce-ga1. parentUserGroupId in UserGroups is not used up to now?

I would like to inherit the role of nested user groups.

Can you please tell is it possible?
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: parentUserGroupId column is not yet being used?
22 septembre 2012 22:52

Hitoshi Ozawa

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I think has it for future support because organization and site information are being entered into it. I've used that column in one of my portlet in 6.0.6 without any problem but haven't tested it with 6.1.x.