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vasv kumar
Public pages displays in "Publish to remote live" section of Private commun
9 octobre 2011 23:32

vasv kumar

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Date d'inscription: 7 février 2011

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When a user tries to publish private pages and click on "Change Selection" button to select multi pages from Page list then Public page list displays which is incorrect as Private page list should display for selection when user is on Private community.

Steps to reproduce:

1    Login to Liferay
2    Create Private community "PC1"
3    Create Private pages ("PP1", "PP2")
4    Create Public pages ("PC1", "PC2")
5    Set up staging with Staging Type "Remote Live"
6    Go back to Control Panel - Private Community "PC1" - Pages - Private Pages - Click on "Publish to remote live"
7    Click "Change Selection" button under Page section

Result : Only Public page list displays for selection
Expected : Private page list should be displayed for selection
Corné Aussems
RE: Public pages displays in "Publish to remote live" section of Private co
12 octobre 2011 00:06

Corné Aussems

Rang: Liferay Legend

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Date d'inscription: 3 octobre 2006

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