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OpenPortal WSRP in Liferay

General Blogs 31 de agosto de 2008 Por Rajesh Thiagarajan

There has been few queries in the Liferay forums w.r.t to support for WSRP (Webservices for Remote Portlets) in Liferay. Here is a summary and some links that point you to this integration effort.

The OpenPortal WSRP project is part of OpenPortal Project that aims to develop a WSRP version that complies with the latest version of the OASIS WSRP specification.  The implementation of WSRP version 2.0 specification is currently work in progress in the OpenPortal WSRP Project.

A stable milestone of the OpenPortal WSRP 2.0 Consumer is integrated into the Liferay Portal, Yes this integration adds a WSRP version 2.0 compatible WSRP Consumer into the Liferay Portal.

Here are more links that talk about this integration and how to use it from the Liferay trunk.

  1. OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 integrated into Liferay.
  2. Testing WSRP 2.0 interoperability with Liferay.
  3. A new User Interface for WSRP 2.0 consumer admin in Liferay.

So what else is in the pipeline ?

  1. OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 Producer - This will add support only for readonly portlet - No support for user customization.
  2. Add an administrative portlet for WSRP Producer administration.
  3. Add support for user customization -- Allow the WSRP producer to store customization for remote users.
  4. Add database integration  - The existing integration stores all configurations in files -- This will be moved to database.

Stay tuned for more information w.r.t this integration.

Respuestas anidadas Autor Fecha
Hi Rajesh, Do you know, is WSRP 2.0 going to... Lari Tuominen 16 de septiembre de 2008 3:09
mmm the download Link not found in Page of... Domenico Costa 3 de julio de 2013 8:25

Hi Rajesh,

Do you know, is WSRP 2.0 going to be integrated in the next LF stable release? In addition will it support authentication (if provider requires.....).

I tried WSRP Consumer Admin portlet but faced some problems as mentioned here:­01
Publicado el día 16/09/08 3:09.
mmm the download Link not found in Page of OpenPortal Project t.

The page of OpenPortal WSRP project is not found.....

This WSRP not found fot Liferay 5.1.1, if yes how install?????
Publicado el día 3/07/13 8:25.