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A new Liferay Wallpaper

Company Blogs 19 de agosto de 2009 Por Nate Cavanaugh Staff

I'm sorry it's been so woefully long between updates here. I've been furiously working away on something that I'll have more details about in the next couple of weeks, but I think you will find that interesting.

Today's post, however, is of a different bent. You may remember the wallpaper I created back in December. It seems like it was pretty popular, at least internally (they're probably being nice ;), so I decided to create another one last night.

I was waiting for some code to compile and hopped into my Google Reader to check some feeds and try to clear down the unread feeds. Google stopped counting, but I'm guessing it's 3-4000 unread items (try 5,552 by current count...).
As I was cruising through my design feeds, inspiration struck, and I started sketching out the idea. It's so rare that I get to create artwork anymore, that I couldn't help thinking about how I wanted it to look.

So last night I went in and got it done, and ended up staying up until 2.30am, which reminds me a lot of how college used to be :)

For lack of a better name, I'm just calling it Liferay of Life. No reason, just pure exhaustion at this point, but here it is:

Liferay of Life wallpaper

Clicking the image will take you to the Large WideScreen version, but if you want more options, you can click here:

Liferay of Life Wallpapers

This link includes a wide range of resolutions for different ratios and even one formatted for an iphone. I hope you enjoy it :)

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amazing... can't.. stop staring... at it... Ronald Sarayudej 19 de agosto de 2009 10:08
Sweet! Thank you, Nate. Jonas Yuan 20 de agosto de 2009 6:33
Wow, that's cool. Thanks Nate. Eduardo Lundgren 20 de agosto de 2009 17:10
Very cool Nate! I'm rockin it now! Michael Saechang 24 de agosto de 2009 13:57
Perfect for Windows 7. Michael Saechang 2 de septiembre de 2009 17:26
Wow! Really Nice! :) Juan Fernández 1 de diciembre de 2009 5:29
Thanks for amazing wallpapers ! Bavithra Rajendran 9 de febrero de 2010 20:41
Beautiful, top-desked, thanks! Oleg Lavrovsky 19 de febrero de 2010 6:26
Nice one Nate !!!! I will be my desktop... Tejas Kanani 18 de febrero de 2011 10:03

amazing... can't.. stop staring... at it...
Publicado el día 19/08/09 10:08.
Sweet! Thank you, Nate.
Publicado el día 20/08/09 6:33.
Wow, that's cool. Thanks Nate.
Publicado el día 20/08/09 17:10.
Very cool Nate! I'm rockin it now!
Publicado el día 24/08/09 13:57.
Perfect for Windows 7.
Publicado el día 2/09/09 17:26 en respuesta a Michael Saechang.
Publicado el día 1/12/09 5:29.
Thanks for amazing wallpapers !
Publicado el día 9/02/10 20:41.
Beautiful, top-desked, thanks!
Publicado el día 19/02/10 6:26.
Nice one Nate !!!! I will be my desktop background emoticon
Publicado el día 18/02/11 10:03.