TwoWay Authentication Lite - 6.2

TwoWay Premium is a plugin providing Two Steps Authentication to access you Liferay portal instance.

Two steps verification adds an extra security layer for your Liferay Portal account by requiring user to enter a one-time verification code in addition to your username and password, when signing in to your account. Our code is based on well-know libraries, open algorithms and standards and fit perfectly in Liferay Portal, so is possibile to enable it together with other authentication provider like LDAP.

Into portal control panel, Admin can:
  • enable TwoWay Authentication per portal as for embedded Liferay's methods
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) choose which OTP delivery channels enable for portal users (check below for possible methods)
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) set two-step authentication as mandatory for all the users
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) add IP white lists in order to disable OTP from company network or other trusted zone (you can disable IP's checks setting the specific portal properties "twowayauthentication.webserver.headers.forwardedfor" to "skip".)
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) disable Backup Codes functionality
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) enable "Force authentication by email", that can be useful if a user forget it's phone
Into personal control panel, User can:
  • enable or disable TwoWay for its specific account
  • choose how to obtain the OTP choosing from Admin's enabled channel set
  • manage Backup Codes, useful if a user forgot or changed it's phone
  • manage Application Passwords in order to grant access to specific applications like Liferay Sync
OTP delivery methods:
  • SMS: in this case you have to configure a Twilio account
  • Apps: Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass or other similar apps free available on platform specific store
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) user's Hashcode is stored as encrypted
  • (ONLY IN THE PREMIUM VERSION!) user's Backup code are stored as encrypted

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