MapIt 6.1

New Features:
  • Google and Bing map support.
  • New Home and My Position button.
  • Full Screen mode.
  • Zoom area funciton.
  • Coordinates and Map Scale.
  • New popup design.
MapIt is a plugin with which you can display on the map and geo-reference the default assets of Liferay such as Users, Web Content, Calendar Events, Blogs and Bookmarks. In addition, the system can show on map and geo-reference also the custom developed asset .
The plugin is also able to search for places and streets through the message bus of Liferay, which implies the fact that the user can use the portlet provided to carry out research, but it can also develop their own portlet for searches and other operations which result in a list of objects to be placed on the map, which displays all objects transmitted from the outside using the inter-portlet communication.
Main Features:
  • Locate Default Liferay Asset on Map
  • Locate your own Asset on Map
  • Possibility to define a weight and color for entry to view a proportional circle at location to display the importance of that point.
  • Possibility of show on map one particolar point of interest Thanks to inter portlet communication.
  • Possibility of show a list of points of interest Thanks to inter portlet communication.
  • Possibility of search location from your own application Thanks to message bus system.
  • Possibility to define the default location of the map.
  • Possibility to set as default location of map the your own location.
  • Possibility to save the last position and zoom status, to show the same view in case of page refresh.
  • Possibility to make three type of search with Searcher Portlet
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