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This app adds the visual forms and Kaleo Workflow Designer feature to Liferay's existing Kaleo Workflow engine. The Kaleo Workflow Designer helps streamline the creation of workflow definitions and empower more users to create custom workflows. There are two pieces to the workflow designer Kaleo Forms is an extension of the Dynamic Data Lists feature. This enables you to create web forms and basic applications, and then apply a workflow to govern the processing of those forms. Kaleo Designer is a drag and drop interface for creating new workflow definitions. It can be used in conjunction with Kaleo Forms or standalone to create workflow definitions without having to write XML.

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To ensure the best quality of this product, please install the latest fix packs.

Últimos cambios
  • LPS-35263 In Kaleo form, the email notification only send to the creator when setting the assignment to a custom role.
  • LPS-37208 Add support for join-xor to kaleo designer
  • LPS-43846 Create Kaleo Forms Admin portlet
  • LPS-43853 Create Kaleo Forms Display portlet
  • LPS-43859 Create an wizard to guide the user through the process creation
  • LPS-43880 Divide the process creation into a series of steps
  • LPS-43881 Create form wizard JavaScript component
  • LPS-44201 Permissions are not being checked after clicking on the DDL record action button
  • LPS-44451 IE7 does not handle trailing commas properly.
  • LPS-45092 Source Format dataType and methods object property values
  • LPS-45434 Trying to edit a workflow task through Kaleo-forms portlet raises exception
  • LPS-45514 CDATA tags are stripped from Templates when viewing source, saving draft, and publishing an uploaded Workfl...
  • LPS-45676 Kaleo draft definition remains upon definition deletion
  • LPS-45996 As a developer, I would like to have just one method on the portlet controller to create or update Kaleo Dr...
  • LPS-46322 Add ability to create DDM Structures and DDM Form Templates within Kaleo Forms
  • LPS-46383 Add ability to create Workflow Definitions within Kaleo Forms
  • LPS-46605 User-Notification Option is not provided in Kaleo Designer Portlet Dropdown menu for Notification-Type
  • LPS-46657 Notification Type not persisting after saving draft of workflow or changing tabs
  • LPS-47153 Close pop up dialog after creating form template
  • LPS-47352 Visual improvements after user feedback
  • LPS-47379 When you click on “Add Fields Definition” the portlet title is set to “New Structure” instead of "New Field...
  • LPS-47529 Automatically choose the entity that you have created.
  • LPS-47778 Deleting a Kaleo Form Process with Pending Tasks makes Inbox and Pending Requests unusable for users with t...
  • LPS-47780 Update icon tag images to use CSS fonts
  • LPS-47827 should have a reference to so it can be overridden
  • LPS-48022 Draft button consistency. Label should be "Save as draft" instead of "Add draft"
  • LPS-48088 Kaleo engine should not return any "next" transitions for completed workflow tasks
  • LPS-48162 The description field is way too small and there’s plenty of space. Make it bigger.
  • LPS-48163 Assign form column is huge. It should be smaller and aligned to the right.
  • LPS-48179 When creating a fields definition, if I click on “save” and the definition has no fields, I get no error me...
  • LPS-48187 Missing language keys in Kaleo-Designer
  • LPS-48255 In the second step of the process we already know the name, so instead of “new process” we can show the pro...
  • LPS-48257 Move action buttons to make this screen consistent with the rest of the product.
  • LPS-48264 In the choose parent definition popup there’s not title
  • LPS-48522 Add search for Kaleo Process entries
  • LPS-48641 Make export button more evident.
  • LPS-48647 Rename from "Fields Definition" to "Field Set"
  • LPS-48731 As a workflow forms admin I can export approved or all records
  • LPS-48785 Apply SearchContainerColumnStatus tag on Kaleo process records container
  • LPS-48787 Use only title field on Kaleo Designer
  • LPS-48788 Export dialog is too big.
  • LPS-48825 Add ability to delete structures and workflow definitions
  • LPS-48911 When creating a new process, description field should be bigger in height.
  • LPS-48912 When adding a new workflow definition, there should be a "cancel" button to make it consistent with other s...
  • LPS-48959 Kaleo does not deploy correctly when sharding is enabled
  • LPS-49025 In the "Fields" step, the selected Field Set should persist when navigating on the pagination.
  • LPS-49037 When editing a Kaleo Process and navigating on the "Fields" pagination, the data under the "Forms" tab is l...
  • LPS-49038 Success message should be hidden after changing from one step to another.
  • LPS-49041 Show icon menu on workflow drafts page
  • LPS-49051 Scope DDM Structures within Kaleo Forms context
  • LPS-49162 Empty messages are too close to "Add" buttons.
  • LPS-49293 When selecting a Workflow, the title should be shown intead of the name since the name is auto-generated now.
  • LPS-49484 Name and Description are not saved in session. Making 'save' button always disabled.
  • LPS-49971 Implement locking for some Workflow API operations
  • LPS-50340 Add ability to delete workflow definitions drafts
  • LPS-51098 null title is shown for Kaleo Processes when opened via Notifications portlet
  • LPS-52115 Unable to add a new Kaleo workflow definition after upgrading from 6.1 with DB2
  • LPS-52760 Add Gradle Wrapper to SDK
  • LPS-53315 Workflow task assignment: list of users is unsorted
  • LPS-54026 Querying for Kaleo task assignments can be slow due to missing indices
  • SOS-2228 Untranslated social office plugin titles
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