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Portlet IDs

The following is a list of the ids of all the portlets that are included out of the box within Liferay. It includes portlets added up to Liferay v6.1. For the most accurate information for your specific version check the file WEB-INF/portlet-custom.xml
2 My Account
3 Search
6 Reverend Fun(Not present in v6.1)
8 Calendar
9 Admin
10 Address Book
11 Directory
15 Journal
16 Currency Converter
19 Message Boards
20 Documents and Media
23 Dictionary
24 SMS(Not present in v6.1)
25 Polls
26 Translator
27 Unit Converter
29 My Sites
30 Network
31 Media Gallery
33 Blogs
34 Shopping
36 Wiki
37 Words (Not present in v6.1)
39 RSS
47 Hello World
48 IFrame
49 Site Redirector
50 Hello Velocity
54 Wiki Display
56 Journal Content
58 Login
59 Polls Display
61 Loan Calculator
62 Journal Articles
64 Recent Documents
66 Web Proxy
67 Amazon Rankings
70 Password Generator
71 Navigation
73 Breadcrumb
77 Journal Content Search
79 Enterprise Admin
82 Language
83 Alerts
84 Announcements
85 Site Map
86 Portlet Configuration
87 Layout Configuration
88 Layouts Admin
90 Portal
97 Quick Note
98 Software Repository
99 Asset Tag Admin
100 Invitation
101 Asset Publisher
102 XSL Content
103 Tags Compiler
104 Update Manager(Not present in v6.1)
107 Page Comments
108 Page Ratings
110 Documents and Media Display
111 Plugin Installer
113 Portlet CSS
114 Recent Bloggers
115 Blogs Aggregator
116 Activities
118 Nested Portlets
119 Asset
120 Tasks (Not present in v6.1)
121 Requests
122 Asset Categories Navigation
124 Social
125 Enterprise Admin Users (CE: Users Admin)
126 Enterprise Admin Organizations (CE v6.1: not present)
127 Enterprise Admin User Groups (CE: User groups admin)
128 Enterprise Admin Roles (CE: Roles Admin)
129 Enterprise Admin Password Policies (CE: Password Policies Admin)
130 Enterprise Admin Settings (CE: Portal Settings)
131 Enterprise Admin Monitoring (CE: Monitoring)
132 Enterprise Admin Plugins (CE: Plugins Admin)
133 Portlet Sharing
134 Enterprise Admin Communities (CE: Sites Admin)
135 Admin Instances
136 Admin Plugins
137 Admin Server
139 Expando
140 My Pages
141 Asset Tags Navigation
142 Flags
143 Page Flags
144 Ratings
145 Dockbar
146 Page Templates
147 Asset Category Admin
148 Asset Tags Cloud
149 Site Templates
150 Workflow Tasks
151 Workflow
152 Workflow Configuration
153 My Workflow Tasks
154 Wiki Admin
155 Social Equity Admin (Not present in v6.1)
New in v6.1:
156 Group Pages
157 Workflow Instances
158 My Workflow Instances
160 Control Panel Menu
161 Blogs (Admin)
162 Message Boards Admin
164 Fast Login
165 Site Settings
166 Dynamic Data Mapping
167 Dynamic Data Lists
169 Dynamic Data List Display
170 Staging Bar
172 Asset Browser
173 Summary
174 Site Memberships Admin
175 Related Assets
176 License Manager
177 Mobile Device Rules
178 Mobile Device Rules (This is not a typo)
179 Social Activity
180 User Statistics
181 Group Statistics
For those curious about why Liferay uses numbers to identify the ids, there are two reasons. The first one is that back in the days, before the Portlet 1.0 spec was published Liferay used numeric ids to identified the portlets. When Liferay added support for the standard it started supporting strings as ids of portlets. But the spec also specifies that all portlet params have to be namespaced with the id of the portlet, so it was decided that using ids would be a good way to keep the URLs shorter (which is quite important in some scenarios).
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Is it possible to add the portlet present in... Sandhya A 4 de octubre de 2010 6:41
Whats the equivalent to ID 126? Pankaj p 28 de marzo de 2012 4:13
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Is it possible to add the portlet present in control panel to normal. For Eg. I want to add 'My Workflow Tasks' portlet to one of the normal pages.

Publicado el día 4/10/10 6:41.
Whats the equivalent to ID 126?
Publicado el día 28/03/12 4:13.
Which is portlet to add regular organization and location organization?
Publicado el día 28/03/12 23:56.
Is there a similar list of IDs available for the social-networking portlets?
I'm especially interested in "Friends" and "Friends' Activities" portlets.
Publicado el día 18/09/12 3:02.
Thanks for this valuable information
Publicado el día 3/04/14 2:22.
what is the Portlet ID for web form portlet in liferay 6.2 CE. ?
Publicado el día 25/06/14 23:56.
Regarding html source on Liferay 6.2 portal, webform portlet seems to belong to portlet project with id 1.
Publicado el día 23/09/14 23:33 en respuesta a Sneha Jajoo.
Hi, can anybody tell me where look for theses portlets source location ?
I know some portlets exist inside directory ROOT/html/portlet, but others just cannot find there, for example: 88 Layouts Admin, I need to modify it.

Publicado el día 18/08/15 17:40.