BugSquad - Liferay Portal 6.2 CE Milestone 1 Testing

Introduction #

Liferay has released the first milestone build of the next version of Liferay and bugsquad is going to do a round of feature testing with the build, and review 4 of the new features as outlined in the Milestone 1 preview presentation given at a couple of the Liferay Symposiums this year. If you've been watching the Community Development Board you'll probably know which features I'm talking about!

Using the attached guides, the BugSquad] team will be reviewing the following 4 features:

  • Application Display Templates (Review Guide: PDF | DOCX | ODT ). See Remarks - Application Display Templates.
  • WCM Management User Interface (Review Guide: PDF | DOCX | ODT )
  • Recycle Bin (Review Guide: PDF | DOCX | ODT )
  • Enterprise Calendar (Review Guide: PDF | DOCX | ODT )
    • NOTE: The Enterprise Calendar is not yet available as a binary Milestone 1 Download. To test the calendar, you must compile the Calendar plugin (part of the liferay-plugins Github repository) and deploy it to your Milestone 1 build. Once a binary Milestone download is available, this page will be updated.

These 4 features are still under active development but the earlier we give feedback to the implementation teams, the better!

The Process #

The process will be the same as was done for 6.1 (and is outlined in each guide). Simply download one of the supplied formats (PDF, ODT, DOCX) for each feature to review. If you use ODT or DOCX you can make your review comments directly inline. For PDF, you can supply comments in an external format, such as a text file, or other common format for writing English text.

Each guide has more detailed instructions on how to review each feature.

As a BugSquad member, which feature should I review? #

You are free to choose one or more of the features. If you have limited time (or are interested in only a subset of the features), choose the ones you are most comfortable with or feel that you can contribute the most to. If you are interested in exploring more, check them all out! Sometimes, those with the least amount of experience in a given area can provide a great "outsiders" view and feature feedback, so don't limit yourself to those areas you already "know".

Also, while it's not mandatory to use the form to provide feedback (one could simply file JIRA tickets or email developers directly), it will help to organize all of the feedback, de-duplicate, and collaborate on potential follow-up, without filling the issues database or developer inboxes with lots of follow-up! So please consider using the form and associated collaborative document follow-up.

When are these due? #

Please strive to complete your review within the next 4 weeks - which means completed by December 3rd 2012. This will give Liferay developers enough time to review, understand, and act on any changes that the BugSquad team identifies.

Remarks #

Application Display Templates #

Some sample Application Display Templates will be included by default in Liferay Portal. These sample templates need to be tested as a part of the miltestone 1 validation. Use the information below to create a new Application Display Template for each of the supported portlets. Then you can apply the Application Display Templates to the portlets to test how they work.

Asset Publisher:

  • Name: Rich Summary
  • Description: Displays abstracts, icons, related assets, and print/edit actions for assets. Optionally include asset bookmarks and ratings.
  • Script: Get it here


  • Name: Basic
  • Description: Displays titles, authors, and abstracts compactly for blog entries.
  • Script: Get it here

Categories Navigation:

  • Name: Multi Column Layout
  • Description: Displays a column for each vocabulary. Each column includes the name of a vocabulary with the vocabulary's top level categories listed underneath.
  • Script:Get it here

Site Map: (Replace the existing one)

  • Name: Multi Column Layout
  • Description: Displays a column for each top level page. Each column includes the name of a top level page with the page's immediate children listed underneath.
  • Script: Get it here

Tags Navigation:

  • Name: Color by Popularity
  • Description: Display asset tags colored by popularity: red (high), yellow (medium), and green (low).
  • Script: Get it here


  • Name: Social
  • Description: Displays social bookmarks and ratings for wiki pages and their child pages.
  • Script: Get it here
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