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Presence Feature

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Introduction #

Presence feature can be integrated as a service with portlets. It gives the online and offline status of the users subscribed by you. You can chat with or make calls to the users who are online. It is also intended at Instant Messaging and voice chat using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Call Functionality in Presence Feature #

The online and off-line icon corresponding to each user is obtained by Liferay. Call functionality in Liferay5.1 is based on Project SailFin. Project SailFin is based on robust and scalable SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) servlet technology on top of a deployment quality Java-EE based Glassfish. The Presence feature leverages the functionality offered by SailFin in helping users to place calls and communicate with other users using a SIP URI with SailFin acting as the SIP container enabling the Call. Instant Messaging and chat functionality are implemented by Liferay.

The infrastructure for Presence feature is described on https://ruon.dev.java.net/ website. The RUON (read as "are you ON") project as the term indicates is intended to offer an API for applications to be Presence aware. Once R U ON is integrated into an application which has a set user base, it is possible for the application to know the presence status of a user (online/offline etc). R U ON offers Representational State Transfer (REST) based service which makes integration easier. REST applies the principles of the Web to transaction-oriented services, rather than publishing-oriented sites. The framework is intended to provide a number of communication options such as, chat and call. It stores and retrieves the online and offline status of users based on their login status.

Presence Feature Details #

The following are the features intended to be implemented under Presence feature:

  • R U ON API
  • R U ON Tag Library
  • REST based API to access Presence information
  • Chat with a user by integrating with an existing XMPP Server
  • Call a user by integrating with a SIP Container
  • SMS/Email a user by integrating with a SMSC/SMPP Server
  • Tooling Plugins for developer IDE's which empower the developer to use the R U ON API and Tag Libraries with the greatest of ease.


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