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Rex Petersen
workflow revision not viewable by Portal Content Reviewer
31 de mayo de 2011 12:50

Rex Petersen

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I have installed the workflow plugin into LR EE 6.0 build 6011 (the build I got from the Liferay East Coast Symposium). I am attempting to demonstrate to our content team that we can use the "Single Approver" model for content approval. I am able to progress the documents through pending / approved. My issue is that after I submit a second revision to a document my "reviewer" user (who has the Portal Content Reviewer Role), is not able to see the revised document.

1) Submit revision to document from user "creator"
2) Login as "reviewer" and click "Actions/Assign to Me" under My Workflow Tasks.
3) Click "Review" for the document under "Assigned to Me"
4) Click "View" under "Preview of Document Library Document.

Instead of seeing the revised version of the document I see the original, making it impossible to make an Approve/Reject decision. Must the reviewer be an admin in order to see the revisions? Or am I missing something?

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