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Brian Jamieson
Importing data to custom entity causes portlet crash.
25 de mayo de 2011 13:48

Brian Jamieson

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I have a custom entity called CWFIPhoneBook, and after adding it to the portal, I can add, edit, and delete records via the UI.

I then want to add a whole bunch of records ~5000 or so. When I do this directly into the database via phpmyadmin or some such, the counter does not get updated and therefore the system throws an exception like so:

20:09:31,949 ERROR [JDBCExceptionReporter:101] Duplicate entry '201' for key 'PRIMARY'

So obviously, I need some way to ensure that the internal counter mechanism gets correctly updated.

This is a bit of a show stopper if data has to be imported for an entity.

I've seen nothing about it in either the admin or development docs that I can get my hands on.

Can anyone help please ?



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