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Deepak Poyilil
Ext Plugin Redeployment
19 de abril de 2011 23:27

Deepak Poyilil

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Hi all,
Which is the right way to redeploy ext-plugin. Liferay official documentation says to use zip file but it will change the server to a fresh installation copy and some other related documentation contains to delete some jar file(eg ext-%app_name%-ext-util-bridges.jar
etc ).if the second option is the right one then why liferay does not have script to redeploy it.
Thiago Leão Moreira
RE: Ext Plugin Redeployment
20 de abril de 2011 6:38

Thiago Leão Moreira


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Hi Deepak,

You can use the ant direct-deploy to redeploy your ext. Just make sure to have your portal down before invoke it. This is possible to use with Tomcat/JBoss.

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