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Kesava Kota
Not able to change theme dynamically
26 de marzo de 2011 6:27

Kesava Kota

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We have a custom theme created for our community. Even for a minor change we have to restart tomcat for the change to get reflected. Is there a way to dynamically change the theme with out restarting the tomcat. Please help us as this is really making things hard for us to progress.

Alexandre FILLATRE
RE: Not able to change theme dynamically
26 de marzo de 2011 6:44

Alexandre FILLATRE

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Hi Kesava,

By default, Liferay is using it's own cache, to render pages faster. You'll need to deactivate it in development environments.
I suggest you take a look at the file named "", located in the Liferay source (the real sources, not the ext or plugin projects).

Those caches work for Javascript, velocity, etc. We usually deactivate all of them in our development plateforms. To do so, just include "" in your portal-*.properties (usually not the, as you don't want to get ride of the caches in a production environement).


If you only want the theme caches to be removed, just add the following lines in

Alexandre FILLATRE