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submit form addEvent for calendar portlet work fine but not work with popup
24 de diciembre de 2010 1:51


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hi everybody,

i will custumize the calendar portlet by using a hook
 2by using this code :
 3<portlet:renderURL windowState="<%= LiferayWindowState.POP_UP.toString() %>" var="AddEvent">
 4<portlet:param name="struts_action" value="/calendar/edit_event" />
 5<portlet:param name="redirect" value="<%= currentURL %>" />
 6<portlet:param name="month" value="<%= String.valueOf(selMonth) %>" />
 7<portlet:param name="day" value="<%= String.valueOf(selDay) %>" />
 8<portlet:param name="year" value="<%= String.valueOf(selYear) %>" />
11<input type="button" value="<liferay-ui:message key="add-event" />" onClick="callPopup('<%=AddEvent.toString()%>','.:ADD EVENT:.',600,500);"/>       

i show in a popup the form to add an event, up here all is work fine, but when i filled out the form to adding ana event and validating it, i show the message of adding event successfuly But the event is not added.
i have this problem just when i pass by popup, then when i use a simple link by using <a href=".... tags, the form is showing in a new page and when i subitting the form the event is added successfuly.
then the problem is with popup, it will be configure something or what??

thx in advance