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Alice Cheng
Liferay is standardizing on jQuery & offering support...
14 de marzo de 2008 9:56

Alice Cheng

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Liferay is announcing its plans to standardize our products on jQuery!
To reach this goal, we recently welcomed Paul Bakaus, jQuery's lead UI developer, to our full time staff.

"Not only we'll have a open source company backing us, but it's the best publicity a project can have: jQuery UI will run in huge intranets, on every copy of Liferay...", said Bakaus.

Liferay, Inc. is also now the first company to offer business critical support services for both jQuery and jQuery UI. Three levels of support will be offered, the highest featuring 24-7, one hour response time on all support tickets.

Read more in Paul's blog...
Wilson Man
RE: Liferay is standardizing on jQuery & offering support...
23 de enero de 2008 10:32

Wilson Man


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awesome! Welcome Paul!