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David Hunter
Asset Publisher - Link to Content
30 de septiembre de 2009 9:31

David Hunter

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Hi group - I need to be able to link to English and French content being displayed from the Asset Publisher.

If the user is viewing the French side of the web site the content appears in French. And vice versa for English.

However, there will be pages within the web site that need to link directly to the content in the appropriate language.

I am unable to pass in the language id parameter as a GET.
This type of query string works for the *content*, but does not work for the rest of the page (navigation, other content) :

Any ideas in linking directly to the correct content language when generating content from the Asset Publisher?

Ahamed Hasan
RE: Asset Publisher - Link to Content
30 de septiembre de 2009 10:28

Ahamed Hasan

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Dear friend,

Our folks have done extensive and valid customizations for Asset publisher portlet while developer

For any help feel free to contact me,

Ahmed Hasan
CTO, TransIT mPower Labs (P) Ltd.
mPower Global
A Liferay expert company.