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Herve Groshens
Journal structures and templates export/import
14 de diciembre de 2007 5:33

Herve Groshens

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I cannot find this information, so I post it: is this export/import functionality implemented in 4.4 version?
I can see export and import options, but when I try to use them and do the export from the sample guest community provided (with all articles, structures and templates used for liferay public web site), this generates a 1Ko lar file, containing a portlet.xml which contains only the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <root>
<header build-number="4305" group-id="14" export-date="ven., 14 déc. 2007 13:08:50 +0000" type="portlet" />

I have checked all options in the export page:
Articles, Structures, and Templates

Is it a bug, a feature not implemented yet, or a did I misunderstood this functionality?
Jorge Ferrer
RE: Journal structures and templates export/import
14 de diciembre de 2007 10:51

Jorge Ferrer


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Hi Herve,

It's a bug that we accidentally introduced very recently (a '_' accidentally changed to a '.' in a parameter name). Thanks for noticing.

I'm going to commit the fix to trunk and will soon be in the 4.4.x branch. Since it's such an easy fix you may want to apply it yourself to be able to test it. Just open /html/portlet/portlet_configuration/export_import_options.jspf and change every PortletDataHandlerKeys.PORTLET_DATA + "." with PortletDataHandlerKeys.PORTLET_DATA + "_"

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