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Yu Zhang
reset liferay IDE admin password
1 de noviembre de 2013 5:46

Yu Zhang

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just installed the liferay IDE on Eclipse, everything works fine until I forgot the password I have just set.
Tried the 'forgot password' link, but could not receive email due to smtp host is set to locahost, tried the ROOT.xml, but the smtp setting is not there.

Could anyone tell me:
1. alternative way to reset the password, (in database, or any file)?
2. how to change the smtp host settings?

Many thanks

Patrick Wolf
RE: reset liferay IDE admin password
1 de noviembre de 2013 6:46

Patrick Wolf

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Do you use the embedded HSQL database or another database?

Let's assume you use MySQL or another database, you may try to run this query:

1UPDATE User_ SET password_='qUqP5cyxm6YcTAhz05Hph5gvu9M=' WHERE emailAddress='';

After that, use "test" as password. This should work.
If you installed Liferay and did not explicitly specify a data source name, HSQL is running by default.

Best regards,
Patrick Wolf