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David H Nebinger
6.2 M2 com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.PortalClassInvoker slim-down...
30 de abril de 2013 20:52

David H Nebinger

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Okay, so I missed something along the way...

I'm trying out the new PACL generator in M5 for my vaadin 7 portlet, and I get an exception about missing invoke methods in PortalClassInvoker...

Long story short, Vaadin (and v7) use PortalClassInvoker to invoke PortalImpl's getHttpServletRequest() and getOriginalServletRequest()... (don't ask me why).

So I'm like, hmm, where did the methods go? So I find the history in github and see it's connected to LPS-30786. This was a 'fix' done in M2 to deprecate the MethodInvoker and MethodWrapper usage, with a comment that reads "preparation for a major RPC refactor"...

Okay, so a) I can't find any details about this major RPC refactor, can't find any sort of doco that helps by providing "if you used to do this, now you do that", there was no marking of deprecation in 6.1 and no pointers to what to use in it's stead...

So does anyone have any details on the "major RPC refactor" and what we do on the outside to be 6.2 compatible?