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James Falkner
Liferay Portal 6.2 Milestone 5: Ready for BugSquad
29 de abril de 2013 13:06

James Falkner

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Hi Bugsquaders!

Liferay has released the fifth milestone (Milestone 5) build of the next version of Liferay. It has been a while since Milestone 4, so this one has many new enhancements to existing features, plus 500+ bugfixes (and most if not all of the bugs found thus far by BugSquad have been fixed!). It has been a huge help that our other sister team, the Community Verifiers, have done an amazing job clearing out the backlog of old bugs (most of which are fixed or no longer relevant).

As we are nearing the end of the 6.2 development cycle, it is even more important for our community to review the new features (represented at a high level as "Stories", see below), enhancements, and bugfixes, and find and fix any issues before the planned Beta for later this year. Please check out the Milestone 5 wiki page to see the list of enhancements and bugs fixed, as well as download links. The github tags should be added to the source repository very soon.

Also, you may notice a new JIRA-based tool that we are using at Liferay to track product development. This tool is in the form of a handy plugin for JIRA called JIRA Structure, and allows Liferay to maintain a hierarchical visualization of related tickets (vastly more powerful than simple JIRA Subtasks). We are using this to track feature development by grouping related "Stories" into various buckets. For example, for the Milestone builds, you can see a hierarchical view of all of the Stories implemented for each Milestone (e.g. here are the Stories for Milestone 5). These tickets don't represent anything other than grouping of cross-project tickets (e.g. a structure could contain tickets from the LPS project and the MAVEN project in JIRA). Going forward, this will hopefully give even greater visibility to the inner workings of Liferay's community software development process.

So, check out the Milestone 5 wiki page and get started!

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