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Amit Shukla
porlet session
5 de marzo de 2013 0:56

Amit Shukla

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Hi all,

I have three portlet in page.I click on any portlet and do some activity and switch to next portlet.when I back to my first portlet I need the portlet where left it in previously.

I want to store last activity of our portlet.....

Please let me know if anybody can do some favor to me...

anybody have idea how we will do this.

Amit Shukla
Felix J Christy
RE: porlet session
5 de marzo de 2013 6:14

Felix J Christy

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Are these portlet on same page? If this is the case then you have to call the render method of the portlet when the portlet is focused and get the data from db which you have stored when portlet was focus out.


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