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Adam Spence
URL Param to Force Show Dockbar?
1 de febrero de 2013 10:04

Adam Spence

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Is there a global url param similar to "fast_load_js" or "fast_load_css" that you can use to force the dockbar to show if it's disabled in the theme?
David H Nebinger
RE: URL Param to Force Show Dockbar?
1 de febrero de 2013 10:10

David H Nebinger

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Not that I'm aware of...

In my themes I typically only allow the dockbar for administrators. That way I have it if I log in as an admin, but no one else sees it.

Totally removing it from the theme basically makes the tools that it has inaccessible. You'd have to know the urls for the control panel, etc., in order to access these resources.

Alternatively you could set up a page just for administrators or folks that need dockbar access, but leave the theme for that page as classic. Would give you at least some point to get to the dockbar, but it's not something that I'd like to use...