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Armaz Mellati
Dynamic Data List : Positioning/presentation of the fields
22 de enero de 2013 2:11

Armaz Mellati

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I miss the ability to decide exactly fields presentation and positioning when viewing a single form (in edit and view mode)
The list-template supports this through velocity.
However the form-template doesn't. There I can just choose the order of the fields.
En easy solution to it would be supporting use of CSS classes on each form-field. We could then easily style the form as pleased .

Armaz Mellati
Jorge Ferrer
RE: Dynamic Data List : Positioning/presentation of the fields
23 de enero de 2013 3:44

Jorge Ferrer


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Agreed. We are doing some changes for 6.2 that will get DDL closer to that. Not sure if we'll have time to do exactly that but we should get close. I'd recommend you to check the milestones as they come out and provide feedback (or help with the development work if it's an option for you).