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Marco Barberini
LS - Public sharing
2 de noviembre de 2012 1:31

Marco Barberini

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I would like to use Liferay Sync as a tool to share documents with other users (external to my organization), a way similar to the PUBLIC folder sharing in Dropbox.

Is there a way to do this (not identical, but similar) with Liferay Sync ?

Thank you for your help

Dennis Ju
RE: LS - Public sharing
2 de noviembre de 2012 11:20

Dennis Ju


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Sharing documents publicly is possible, but not directly through the Liferay Sync interface. You can go to the file on the Liferay portal then grant "View" permissions to "Guest". This makes the document publicly visible at which point you can grab the URL for the file and share it.

The Windows version of Liferay Sync allows you to right-click on synced file and use the context menu to quickly open the details page on the web. The context menu for Mac is planned for a future release.