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Mazhar Alam
Liferay facebook connect login
16 de octubre de 2012 3:47

Mazhar Alam

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I am using liferay version ce 6.1
Enabled facebook login,verified account and updated add_id,secret_key,redirect_url.
While sign-in
clicked to facebook login.. redirected to facebook.. allowed the app, then back to my portal, then after it redirected me back to sign in page without making me signed in.

Can anyone tell me what am i missing out?
Albert R. Timashev
RE: Liferay facebook connect login
18 de octubre de 2012 3:04

Albert R. Timashev

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I'm facing exactly the same problem! It seems that Facebook Connect login is totally broken in 6.1.x !!!

I've created a ticket with a bug report on October 7, 2012 -- but there's no response yet emoticon

I've tried to find the cause of the problem and fix it myself, but it appeared to be an major unfinished work, not just some mistype or missing definition. What I've found is that redirects to "portlet.login.facebook_login" action that is totally missing from the sources! There is no such action defined at tiles-defs.xml, and struts-config.xml also does not list it as a possible forwarding option for "/login/facebook_connect_oauth" action (com.liferay.portlet.login.action.FacebookConnectAction). So here we are dealing with a major source code inconsistency (as I wrote above -- 'an major unfinished work' -- it looks like someone in Liferay just forgot to add the required action and according .jps-file while refactoring Facebook Connect between 6.0 and 6.1 releases).

Just look at OpenId login for a comparison. The "portlet.login.open_id" action referenced in is defined in tiles-defs.xml and implemented as open_id.jsp. There is also reference in struts-config.xml specifying "portlet.login.open_id" action as a possible forwarding option for "/login/open_id" action (com.liferay.portlet.login.action.OpenIdAction). So OpenId login implementation is consistent in contrast to Facebook Connect.

P.S. It's very strange for me as a professional software developer how the refactored functionality can be released in completely broken state! It's a major regression! Someone refactored that what worked in 6.0 and left it unfinished (broken) up till 6.1.1 GA2 release! It's very disappointing!

P.P.S. to Liferay team: Guys, you're making a great software product! My team really enjoys it each and every day! But, please, don't relax that much! It's a bad sign to have simply broken/unfinished things in x.x.1 release! Keep track of all the changes and TEST EVERY changed functionality BEFORE RELEASE! I believe you can do it! ;-)

All the best!

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