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Andy Murray
Issue in Customizing paginator template
10 de octubre de 2012 4:10

Andy Murray

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Im trying to customize the paginaton templae {CurrebntPageReport} as i need it as 'Items <1-20> of 40'
It is getting me the required output when page loads but when i click next it doesnt change. (but data changes).

paginatorTemplate="{PreviousPageLink} Items #{myBean.pagingStartIndex} - #{myBean.pagingEndIndex} of #{my.totalNumOfAccs} {NextPageLink}"

i have startPageIndex and endPageIndex as class variables in managed bean:

publi class MyBean {

private int pagingStartIndex=0;
private int pagingEndIndex = 0;

public MyBean () {

lazyModel =new LazyDataModel<EnterpriseAccount>() {
public List<Item> load(int first, int pageSize, String sortField, SortOrder sortOrder, Map<String, String> filters) {
List data = callService();
// set pagingStartIndex and setPagingEndIndex

While debugging I see those values r getting changed but when rendering it shows only intial values when page loads.

Any help appreciated !!!!
Neil Griffin
RE: Issue in Customizing paginator template
30 de octubre de 2012 12:25

Neil Griffin


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I would recommend that you create a test portlet that incorporates the p:dataTable demo source code from the PrimeFaces ShowCase. That should work in a portlet environment the same as a webapp. If it does, then you'll have something to run with that works.

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