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Toni Pérez Rodil
Has someone used "liferay-ui:user-search" tag?
20 de mayo de 2012 4:25

Toni Pérez Rodil

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We' re developing a portlet in Liferay 6.1 EE Tomcat bundle which needs to select a user from Liferay user database.
We've thought that we could use the "liferay-ui:user-search" tag, but we haven't found the way to make it works.

Our portlet (editions-manager-portlet) is included in the Control Panel and the JSP we're using for testing contains the following code:

1<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="liferay-ui"%>
2<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="liferay-portlet" %>
4<%@page import="java.util.LinkedHashMap"%>
7<liferay-portlet:renderURL varImpl="testUrlImpl" />
8<liferay-ui:user-search userParams="<%=new LinkedHashMap<String, Object>()%>" portletURL="${testUrlImpl}" rowChecker="<%=null%>" />

We're getting 2 Javascript errors in the Firefox console:
Error: document._editionsmanager_WAR_editionsmanagerportlet_fm is undefined
Archivo de origen: http://localhost:8080/group/control_panel/manage?p_p_id=editionsmanager_WAR_editionsmanagerportlet&p_p_lifecycle=0&p_p_state=maximized&p_p_mode=view&doAsGroupId=10179&refererPlid=10182&_editionsmanager_WAR_editionsmanagerportlet_javax.portlet.action=preJuryEdition&_editionsmanager_WAR_editionsmanagerportlet_editionId=16206
Línea: 1

Error: Liferay.Panel is undefined
Archivo de origen: http://localhost:8080/html/themes/control_panel/js/main.js?browserId=firefox&languageId=es_ES&b=6110&t=1330010360000
Línea: 208

We've realized that in other views of the portlet, the "html/js/liferay/panel.js" is loaded meanwhile in this view doesn't.

Has someone used the "user-search" tag sucessfully?

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Toni Pérez Rodil
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