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krishna o
how to get the tag details for blogs
4 de abril de 2012 9:43

krishna o

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I am using Dyamic Query and passing the BlogEntry class.
DynamicQuery dqi = DynamicQueryFactoryUtil.forClass(BlogsEntry.class, cl);
Criterion crit = PropertyFactoryUtil.forName("groupId").eq(scopeGroupId);

adding this 'crit' to query and executing the query by using Blogs'sLocal util class like BlogsEntryLocalServiceUtil.dynamicQuery(dqi).

using some array to get the values. i am getting the blog information. but how to set the 'tag' names. i need to show the tag names as part of showing in Blog portlet.
venka reddy
RE: how to get the tag details for blogs
30 de abril de 2012 22:00

venka reddy

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Hi krishna ,

Did you get solution for it??