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Nate Shaw
Image Gallery URL Prompts for Download
20 de marzo de 2012 7:29

Nate Shaw

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Hi all.

I am trying to implement an image viewer in LR and am using shadowbox. The implementation is very easy and I have it working just fine using some images from Flickr. HOWEVER, when I change the URL of the large image to an image uploaded in the Liferay Image Gallery, it breaks. In fact, I have found that if I copy and paste the "view" URL for an image gallery image in the browser address bar in

- Chrome, it prompts me to download the image instead of showing it.
- IE, it shows the image
- Firefox, it prompts me to download the image instead of showing it

I have seen this type of behavior before when the mime type was not being specified properly on the response, but I am not sure if that is what is going on here or not. Regardless, it is not working as expected.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks!


I have tried using all 3 URL's for an image that I thought may work:

Actual image URL when viewing the large image in the native Image Gallery slideshow:
Download URL for the image:
View URL for the image:

The URL's work as expected in IE, but in Firefox and Chrome, they still all prompt me to download the image (which is only the expected behavior for the 2nd link).
Mika Koivisto
RE: Image Gallery URL Prompts for Download
13 de abril de 2012 16:37

Mika Koivisto

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That issue is fixed in Liferay 6.1

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