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Howard Miller
gallery-aui-calendar-datepicker-select - styles trash page
8 de marzo de 2012 6:04

Howard Miller

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I hope I am posting this in the right place AND I'm not a js expert so please bear with me...

I am trying to use the date picker according to these instructions -

The picker works perfectly. Unfortunately, it seems to have some nasty side effects. It seems to seek out all the divs on my page and add all sorts of additional classes. These classes all have css which completely trashes my page. As an aside the css also takes ages to download every time the page is displayed.

I'm not really sure what's going on and/or why it is doing this. Is there some way that I can restrict it to only dealing with the date selector?

Many thanks!
Mayur Patel
RE: gallery-aui-calendar-datepicker-select - styles trash page
13 de marzo de 2012 0:36

Mayur Patel

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Hey Howard,

This is right place for this post,

As per my experience why this is happening because It's loading css and js from website that is ''

 1  modules: {
 2        'gallery-aui-skin-base': {
 3            fullpath: '
 4                            gallery-aui-skin-base-min.css',
 5            type: 'css'
 6        },
 7        'gallery-aui-skin-classic': {
 8            fullpath: '
 9                            gallery-aui-skin-classic/css/
10                            gallery-aui-skin-classic-min.css',
11            type: 'css',
12            requires: ['gallery-aui-skin-base']
13        }
14    }

So, you can try to load all components from portlet itself else it will take time to load from site and it seems that is not the right way