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Work around for RC1 Issue
1 de marzo de 2012 16:27


If you are upgrading from a Beta to RC1, there is a workaround to get every thing back running smoothly.

1) Exit Sync.
2) Open your user home and find .liferay-sync folder.
3) Delete the liferay-sync.json file
4) Open the .liferay-sync.cache folder, and delete the .data and .time folders.
5) Restart Sync, reenter your credentials and everything should run smoothly.
Ravi Kumar Gupta
RE: Work around for RC1 Issue
1 de marzo de 2012 20:38

Ravi Kumar Gupta

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Hi Gail,

Thanks for the information. Can you please put this in Wiki for upgrading LR Beta to RC1. emoticon That will document your finding and help others as well.


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