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Simon Prinzleve
Portlet Configurationpage for JSF Portlet - not working?
16 de agosto de 2008 6:27

Simon Prinzleve

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Dear group,

I'm trying to get a configuration page for my JSF portlet.
BTW: I just use plugin development - as it in the google-adsense portlet. (Instead of using the ext-environment as in wiki)

I adopted the following steps from the google-adsense portlet:

liferay-portlet.xml: add element <configuration-action-class>
source: add class
jsp: add config.jsp

It seems though that (in contrast to the JSP portlet googleAdsense) in JSF the configuration action is not forwarded to my ActionImpl class - in spite of the <configuration-action-class> setting.

Am I on the wrong track? Is it obvious that it can't work? emoticon Or am I just missing something?

Any help would be great!
Thanks a lot,


here the part from the liferay-portlet.xml:

 3    <portlet>
 4        <portlet-name>ConfessTests</portlet-name>
 5        <icon>/icon.png</icon>
 6        [b]<configuration-action-class>com.liferay.portlet.googleadsense.action.ConfigurationActionImpl</configuration-action-class>        [/b]
 7        <url-encoder-class>com.sample.jsfmyfaces.portlet.LogURLEncoder</url-encoder-class>
 8        <instanceable>true</instanceable>
 9        <header-portlet-css>/css/test.css</header-portlet-css>
10        <header-portlet-javascript>/js/test.js</header-portlet-javascript>
11    </portlet>

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