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Marc Ende
Portlet-access to login credentials?
17 de diciembre de 2011 10:04

Marc Ende

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currently I'm working on a portlet which needs to authenticate against a remote rest webservice.
Doing that it has to provide the credentials which are given while logging in. Both, the portal
and the webservice are using the same credential store.
When the user logs into the portal also the access to the rest webservice should be authenticated.
The webservice should be a single point to access the relevant data. It's used by several other applications
and also the portal should use it.
Can a portlet get access to the clear-text password which is provided at the login-portlet? Can I handle this
using a per- or post-login hook?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Milen Dyankov
RE: Portlet-access to login credentials?
17 de diciembre de 2011 10:45

Milen Dyankov

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You can probably achieve this with custom auto login hook. Please see the following links for more information:

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