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James Falkner
The Liferay Quiz - Round 1 - The Answers
9 de diciembre de 2011 10:08

James Falkner

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Where is the Liferay Home Directory?
The Liferay Home Directory is one directory above your app server directory.

Which of the following is NOT a supported Liferay Plugin type?
The answer is Web Content. Web Content, while an integral part of Liferay's WCM system, is not a plugin type.

How many symposiums did Liferay host in 2011?
The answer is 7: East Coast, Hungary, France, West Coast, Europe, Spain, and Italy.

In what city is Liferay’s Global headquarters?
Liferay's official HQ address is in Walnut, CA. It's near Los Angeles proper, but not in it!

Which standards does Liferay 6 support?
The right answer is WSRP 2.0. CMIS is only at 1.0, and Liferay does not support JSR-192.

What of the following are interfaces provided by out-of-the-box Liferay?
Liferay does not include Perl or Python interfaces (though these languages can be used to write portlets). Liferay does include a JavaScript library for interacting with, so that's the correct answer.

To display web content, which of the following portlets can be used?
The answer is "All of the Above" -- Web Content can be displayed by virtually any content display portlet, including a custom portlet that accesses Liferay's WCM system.

If I wanted to improve Liferay’s support for OpenAM, which issue type would I file at
The answer is in the question: Improvement

Which of the following is NOT a section of Liferay 6.0’s Control Panel?
While Teams are also an integral part of Liferay 6.0's social collaboration system, there is no specific Control Panel section for Teams -- they are accessed via the "Communities" section. Therefore, Teams is the correct answer here.

Liferay, Inc. was founded in which year?
While Liferay began as an open source project in 2001, the incorporation of Liferay did not occur until 2004. So, the answer is 2004.

Congrats to the winners, and looking forward to round 2!
Sandeep Nair
RE: The Liferay Quiz - Round 1 - The Answers
9 de diciembre de 2011 20:04

Sandeep Nair

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Thanks for the answers. Just wanted to bring into your notice about false information of Liferay Headquarters in Wiki as well as Liferay Facebook page in which the contest is hosted. Many people who are from countries like japan, india, uk,etc, who havent got the privilege to see the actual headquarters may mistake it to be the correct information. May be someone needs to correct that

Thanks & Regards,

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