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Pranay R Patadiya
How to check if forum post is answered or not?
1 de diciembre de 2011 21:22

Pranay R Patadiya

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Hi Folks,

I have a scenario that, in our liferay portal one can post a thread marked as question.

Then people can answer that post and thread owner will mark anyone answer as "answer".

Now i want to check if that post is answered or not, so how can i check that?

Pankaj Kathiriya
RE: How to check if forum post is answered or not?
2 de diciembre de 2011 2:09

Pankaj Kathiriya

Ranking: Liferay Master

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Fecha de incorporación: 4 de agosto de 2010

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Hi Pranay,
I have checked view_thread_message.jspf, there i found following snippet that checks if thread is answered.

<div class="answer <%=
!message.isRoot() && MBMessageFlagLocalServiceUtil.hasAnswerFlag(message.getMessageId())
? "" : "aui-helper-hidden" %>" id="<portlet:namespace />deleteAnswerFlag_<%= message.getMessageId() %>">
label="<%= true %>"

<c:if test="<%= (message.getRootMessageId() != MBMessageConstants.DEFAULT_PARENT_MESSAGE_ID) && MBMessagePermission.contains(permissionChecker, message.getRootMessageId(), ActionKeys.UPDATE) %>">
(<a href="javascript:<portlet:namespace />deleteAnswerFlag('<%= message.getMessageId() %>');"><liferay-ui:message key="unmark" /></a>)

The line in block letter can help you in find if thread is answered or not!

Hope this helps.


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