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Radio Liferay Episode 9: Community Contributors

Company Blogs November 11, 2011 By Olaf Kock Staff

Liferay for your ears: Episode 9 of Radio Liferay is another premier: This marks the first recording with more than one interviewee, as well as the first non-Liferay Employees. I used the opportunity during the european symposium to get together with Corné Aussems, Maarten van Heiningen, Milen Dyankov and  Tomáš Polešovský, four Community Contributors.

podcast-logo Part of my original intent was to speak about their contributions and learn what Liferay can do better with regards to accepting contributions. Turns out that this was a handpicked crowd of notorious contributors that praised more than they criticized - well, so be it, it's good to hear this.

Among other topics, we spoke about

  • Naturally: The Symposium and what it's all about: Meeting people, the energy. All four of them work with/for Liferay Partner Companies. Stating also my personal recommendation: If you have any chance to make it to one of Liferay's symposium, make sure to go.
  • Tomáš best known contribution is the initial Extlet (now ext-plugin). This made it possible to move from the initial monolithic and huge ext-environment (singular) to very lightweight plugins (plural) in 6.0
  • Corné started with Liferay 3.x, is the Dutch translation leader.
  • Milen contributed the mobile device detection using WURFL, which he also demoed during the symposium.
  • Maarten is involved with themes, usability and accessibility. Also, he pushed "commenting as a guest", a new feature in 6.1
  • All of them contribute to many of the active community programs, Bugsquad, 100 paper cuts, etc. that James introduced.
  • Getting responses from core Liferay developers and personnell during the symposium and in the community.
  • Get knowledgable by learning from helping others:
  • Milen's and Tomasz's work on the Maven SDK

I hope that a lot of the enthusiasm that I've seen in this round as well as in any symposium I've been to can be transferred through the recording.

It was a great opportunity to get together with these guys, but sadly the episode is shorter than it could have been - we recorded this towards the end of the symposium, just before the community excellence awards were handed out - and as some of the participators were receiving them, I couldn't keep them busy for longer.

You'll find this episode - and make sure that you don't miss any of the future episodes - by subscribing to  http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadioLiferay with your favourite podcatcher. You can also subscribe on itunes.: Just search for "Radio Liferay" or just "Liferay" in the podcast directory.

Obligatory twitter links: Corne, Maarten, Milen, Tomáš, me and (new) the announcements for Radio Liferay on twitter and on more places on the web.

No children were harmed during the recording of this podcast - at least not by us: There were a few playing outside, running around and screaming - and the hotel room was not too soundproof, so this got onto the recording.

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