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Radio Liferay Episode 28: James Falkner

General Blogs June 24, 2013 By Olaf Kock Staff

 Please welcome a return guest, James Falkner, Liferay's Community manager. I got him on to talk about the changes in the upcoming symposium's structure, but we continued with conversations about a lot of topics he also mentioned in his previous Community Roundup as well as a brave move that I'd like to tease here: He gives us the definitive release date for Liferay 6.2 - so remember: you've heard it first on Radio Liferay

Some more keywords from the conversation:

  • Change to symposiums: This year we split some of the symposiums into business (Liferay Portal Solutions Forum) and technical (Developer Conference) events - especially in Europe.
  • LPSF 24. September in Frankfurt
  • DevCon (8.) 9.+10. October in Berlin
  • LPSF 7. November in UK
  • Symposium October US/SF
  • Symposium 16.+17. October Spain
  • Call for Paper open or soon to be opened for SF, Spain, Berlin: Help us by submitting long before the deadline
  • Unconference style, agenda finding
  • Last Milestone (M6) has been published just before we recorded
  • BugSquad is on again, finding those pesky bugs in the current milestone releases - thanks a lot to the bugsquad team for the help
  • Work done by the Community Verifier Team
  • Edward Gonzalez' role to pick up fixes that have been submitted without targetting a specific engineer (and shoutouts to Juan Fernandez, Cynthia Wilburn, Ed Chung)
  • Ideation
  • The "exit strategy" for ideas: Get it into the portal or create an App for Marketplace.
  • Project Learn, an e-learning platform, recently graduated to be a marketplace app (lookup name)
  • We're using my fabulous podcasting plugin as a means to describe how to publish an app on the marketplace (it's currently on its way)
  • Marketplace now has roughly 70 apps published by independent developers.
  • Marketplace App Contest: Participate and win one of 25 iPad minis and a trip to one of the symposiums or Liferay events of your choice - anywhere in the world.
  • various birthday coincidences
  • Community Leadership Team
  • Pointer back to the motivation thread, linked from Radio Liferay episode 1
  • Community Blogging
  • IRC: #liferay on freenode

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Thank you again to Auphonic for improving the sound quality dramatically. Unfortunately there are a few dropouts during the recording that even auphonic couldn't rescue, but they're minimal.

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