Jasper is the most popular Open Source reporting engine for most developers and entrepreneurs. Keeping that in mind, KNOWARTH has created a flexible plug-in “Jasper Report” that can be customized to meet various organizational analysis and reporting requirements.

-> Report Admin portlet in Liferay is sensitive and users need to navigate different pages in order to upload and download reports with jrxml files.
-> Manually adding Keys and type of parameters increase possibility of errors in reports.
-> Visibility of all the definitions of based on permissions is challenging.

-> Jasper Report Plug-in is configurable to choose between definitions based upon role’s view permission.
-> Parameters will be fetched automatically from the jrxml file and it will generate input elements based on selected jrxml bypassing the need to add key and type of parameters manually.
-> Jasper Report Plug-in is highly user-friendly as it allows generation and downloading of reports from a single page.
-> Jasper Report Plug-in is accessible to any user, even if user don’t have a any role or permissions. Admin has to add jrxml definition from Configuration.

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