Calendar Connector for Exchange

Calendar Connector for Exchange enables a two-way, efficient synchronization between Liferay and Exchange Server. This lets users who own an Exchange mailbox to see their calendars and manage events on Liferay, just by logging in and using Liferay's Calendar portlet on a portal page. Liferay and Exchange calendars are "paired" during configuration thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and so all changes occurred in these calendars are automatically propagated on both sides through a periodic background process. All these changes are tracked and propagated:

  • creation of new events
  • update in the details of an event, and also in recurrence settings, such as creating a recurrence exception
  • deletion of events (with or without Recycle Bin enabled)
  • creation of meeting requests
  • update in the accepted/declined status of a meeting invitation

Different administrators can manage different Exchange domains, by entering mailbox details and do the "pairing" through a Control Panel portlet. A mailbox can be owned either by a user (so that she can configure the synchronization process of her own calendars) or a site, in order to pair room and equipment calendars between Liferay and Exchange. This way, even booking a resource can be tracked and synchronized.

Synchronization from Exchange to Liferay is always active, but it's possible to decide whether to enable or disable changes propagation from Liferay to Exchange for each different calendar. By enabling it, you will have a full two-way synchronization between the two calendars, otherwise the Liferay side will be just a "read-only" copy of the Exchange calendar, which could be useful to show events data coming from Exchange in a portal page, such as the free/busy status of a meeting room. In either case, users will seamlessly be able to see and manage events both in "paired" and "Liferay-only" calendars by using the same Calendar portlet interface.

Calendar Connector for Exchange key features are:

  • Configurable synchronization interval, from a few seconds to minutes
  • Use of the Exchange Impersonation feature, which prevents users from entering their credentials
  • Autodiscover protocol support, which simplifies provisioning since only e-mail addresses have to be provided
  • Support for multiple Exchange domains, which lets users to synchronize their calendars to different Exchange Server installations
  • Batched Exchange Web Services requests for better scalability and reduced impact on the server

Calendar Connector for Exchange supports both Exchange Online and on-premise installations of Exchange Server (2007 SP1 and above).

Latest Changes
  • Support Liferay 7 and Liferay DXP
  • Impersonation feature is optional, users could manage his own credentials
  • Manage attendee not defined as Liferay users

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