Speed Read Portlet

Speed reading is a technique to improve the ability to read faster. This involves the art of reading in chunks, eliminating subvocalization and efficient eye motion. Most people have a reading speed of around 250 words per minutes, which means that a page (around 500 words) in a book or document would take around 2-3 minutes to read. Just imagine if you could improve your reading speed to 500 words per minute you will be able to read the same stuff in half the time. Do you know? Swami Vivekananda was capable of reading ten encyclopedia volumes in just a few days and recalling the content of all of them. Speed reading means faster and more efficient reading, at the same time understanding what you are reading. Subvocalization is one of the most common reason why people read slow. What is Subvocalization? It is the silent speech, or the internal speech made when reading a word, thus allowing the reader to imagine the sound of the word as it is read. During subvocalization, you are not really reading out loud, however in your head you can hear the words chanting thru your inner voice. Experts say, subvocalization places extra burden on your brain, therefore slows down the reading speed. If you have a habit of subvocalization you may be able to read as fast as you can speak. To improve you reading speed, you need to unlearn the habit of chanting words in your head, this is possible with practice. When you read out loud, you can only say one word at a time. This limit does not apply to reading. With some practice, you can read multiple words at a time once your inner voice subsides. As your reading speed increases, this is the best way to achieve reading speeds more than 1000 words per minute. Start small with 2 word chunk sizes, but as you practice more and improve you will surely find that 3, 4, or even higher chunk sizes are possible. Guess what, this Free speed Reading Portlet will allow you to practice the art of speed reading with all of your favorite site feeds. You can easily add any of your sites feed in the list and start reading everyday stuff. This will help you grow steadily. Learn and get better as you read your favorite site everyday. Happy Reading!

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