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Elasticsearch test environment for Liferay 7/ DXP

Technical Blogs 11. April 2018 Von Yasuyuki Takeo Staff

While working on Elasticsearch debugging, I just made a docker-compose file to start up an external Elasticsearch with plugins that Liferay DXP / 7 installed with debugging tools. Hope this would be helpful for somebody working on investigation of search.
Liferay 7 GA6 / DXP fixpack 42 and onwards, Liferay uses Elasticsearch 6.1.3. According to the update, I also
has updated Elasticsearch & Kibana on docker for test / support / development use for both Oracle JDK 8 / Open JDK 8. I just divided images according to the JDK type.
The JDK must be same as Liferay server. For Oracle JDK 8, please use ${elasticsearch_version}_oraclejdk8 and for Open JDK 8, please use ${elasticsearch_version}_openjdk8 branch.
For more detailed usage, please consult to README
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Really useful, Thanks Rafik H 6. November 2017 03:38
Hi, thank you very much for sharing! That's... Gustav Novotný 13. November 2017 07:00
Hi Yasuyuki, Are you telling that starting... Rafik H 12. April 2018 00:20
I believe so, please see ES6.1 plugin at our... Yasuyuki Takeo 12. April 2018 00:57
That's awesome, Thanks! Rafik H 12. April 2018 01:47

Hi, thank you very much for sharing! That's helpful!
Gepostet am 13.11.17 07:00.
Hi Yasuyuki,
Are you telling that starting from DE-42, we will be able to upgrade to ES 6.1 ? if it's the case that would be great. We deploy on Kubernetes and it's not easy to make a native Elastic Search cluster with 2.4.
Gepostet am 12.04.18 00:20.
I believe so, please see ES6.1 plugin at our marketplace, https://web.liferay.com/ja/marketplace/-/mp/application/106004266
Gepostet am 12.04.18 00:57 als Antwort auf Rafik H.
Gepostet am 12.04.18 01:47 als Antwort auf Yasuyuki Takeo.