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Radio Liferay Episode 19: Juan Fernandez about community and WCM

Company Blogs 21. Februar 2012 Von Olaf Kock Staff

  In this episode I spoke with Juan Fernandez, starting with an embarrassing nonpronouciation of his family name. Juan is a Liferay core engineer in the spanish office, working mainly in the WCM parts of Liferay, also doing training. 

We talked about

  • how Juan started with the task to integrate Liferay with Pentaho, becoming a community member and later joining the spanish office
  • How Consulting findings are fed back into the product and what Juan did for the internationalization and localization of content in 6.1, default data for structures, related content, etc. (lots of new features for version 6.1 here)
  • Juan's demo at the european symposium and what he did when he created a basic application within the WCM system
  • If you have already implemented new custom Assets you don't need to do anything to get "related assets" functionality
  • the spanish community, contributing features, plugins or other add ons, taking the examples of Jack Rider of xmlportletfactory fame, Aritz Galdos of Lifedroid, Juan Gonzalez (who contributed preview features for the document library)
  • the french community, e.g. Leo Pratlong, who did some translations. (Juan also speaks french and helps out in the french community)
  • ...and other topic

(I think I finally learnt how to pronounce the "z" in spanish names - challenge me when you meet me next time)

You'll find this episode - and make sure that you don't miss any of the future episodes - by subscribing to the RSS feed, on itunes or with your podcatcher of choice - you'll find all the options on www.liferay.com/radio. And if you want to get notified when the next episode is out, follow @RadioLiferay

This is another recording I did with some new recording gear, but, being new gear, I messed up the levels so I had to denoise it a bit, unfortunately a bit of noise still remains. I'm doing my best to get rid of that in future recordings.

And please remember to rate this podcast in your podcast directory of choice and provide feedback here on the episodes as well. Thank you.

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