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Liferay Portal 7.1 Alpha 2 Release

Company Blogs 8. Mai 2018 Von Jamie Sammons Staff

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of: Liferay Portal 7.1 Alpha 2


Alpha 2 primarily focuses on being a bug fix release.

New Features Summary

Modern Site Building: Liferay 7.1 introduces a new way of adding content.  Fragments allows a content author to create content in small reusable pieces.  Fragments can be edited in real time or can be exported and managed with the tooling of your choice.  Use page templates from within a site and have complete control over the layout of your content pages.  Navigation menus now give you complete control over site navigation.  Create site navigation in new and interesting ways and have full control over the navigations visual presentation.   
Forms Experience: Liferay 7.1 includes a completely revamped forms experience.  Forms can now have complex grid layouts, numeric fields and file uploads. They now include new personalization rules that let you customize the default behavior of the form.  Using the new Element Sets, form creators can now create groups of reusable components.  Forms fields can now be translated into any language using any Liferay locale and can also be easily duplicated. 
Redesigned System Settings: System Settings has received a complete overhaul.  Configurations have been logically grouped together making it easier than every before to find what's configurable.  Several options that were located on Server Administration have also been moved to System Settings.
User Administration: User account from has been completely redesigned.  Each form section can now be saved independently of each other minimizing the chance of losing changes.  The new ScreensNavigationEntry let's developers add any form they want to user administration.  
Improvements to Blogs and Forums:  Blog readers a can now un-subscribe to notifications via email. Friendly URLs used to be generated based on the entries title. Authors now have complete control over the friendly URL of the entry.   Estimated reading time can be enabled in System Settings and will be calculated based on time taken to write an entry.  
Blogs also have a new cards ADT that can be selected from the application configuration.  Videos can now be added inline while writing a new entry from popular services such as: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, and Twitch.  Message boards users can now attach as many files as they want by dragging and dropping them in a post.  Message boards also has had many visual updates.
Workflow Improvements: Workflow has received a complete UI overhaul.  All workflow configuration is now consolidated under one area in the Control Panel.  Workflow definitions are now versioned and previous versions can now be restored.  Workflow definitions can now be saved in draft form and published live when they are ready.  
Infrastructure: Many improvements have been incorporated at the core platform level, including ElasticSearch 6.0 and the inclusion of Tomcat 9.0.  At the time of this release  JDK 8 is still the only supported JDK.  


Documentation for Liferay 7.1 is well underway.  Many sections have already been completed in the Deployment and Development Sections.  For information on upgrading to 7.1 see the Upgrade Guide.
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Why the shopping portlet removed in source... ildar sl 9. Mai 2018 11:41
Hi Jamie, god step. We have kona kart people... Dario Torres 11. Mai 2018 14:02
Hi Dario, The best place for 7.1 help would... Jamie Sammons 11. Mai 2018 15:24

Why the shopping portlet removed in source code? What did he do to stop you?
Gepostet am 09.05.18 11:41.
Hi Jamie, god step.
We have kona kart people trying to run their portlet with new 7.1, How Could they have some help from side of community Liferay? thanks
Gepostet am 11.05.18 14:02.
Hi Dario,
The best place for 7.1 help would probably be the Community Beta Program. I would have them sign up and see if they can get some help in the Feedback Forum.
Gepostet am 11.05.18 15:24 als Antwort auf Dario Torres.