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Implementation of Q&A on Messageboards

General Blogs 31. Juli 2008 Von Allen Chiang

The idea is to let a person who posted a messsage expecting answer to vote on comments as the solutions. Once those information built-up, we could use them for construct a FAQ.

The current implementation is using the MBMessageFlag table for the marker, because it was only used for marking the read status of a given message for users. This will not create needed step for upgrade.


The UI for setting a message as a question is added as part of edit page, so it was available only to users who have edit permission on the message.


Only the message creator will have the UI for marking the comments as answer


 The thread status changed to resolved after a cmment was marked as answer.

 The thread list view will show the status.

Antworten im Thread Autor Datum
I opened an improvement issue on JIRA two weeks... Thiago Leão Moreira 31. Juli 2008 13:37
This bolg was targeting on ... Allen Chiang 4. August 2008 16:11
Allen, An nice enhancement would be to assign... Michael C. Han 21. August 2008 07:17
I am wonder how the rank works in Liferay in... Allen Chiang 25. August 2008 23:22

I opened an improvement issue on JIRA two weeks ago about this =P

Gepostet am 31.07.08 13:37.
This bolg was targeting on

However, the status can not be used as a filter like what you want in the LEP for a fulltext search unless it was indexed.

If you look at LEP-6469, it was part of FAQBuilder(could also used as knowledge base) I am working on, once that was done, search on the faq will make more sense for users to find solution. However, I can use the status as a filter while display the treads from relation database.
Gepostet am 04.08.08 16:11 als Antwort auf Thiago Moreira.

An nice enhancement would be to assign points value to a question and the poster could give points out to people who answered his questions. Users could start with say 500 points, they can gave away points for answers to their questions and receive points in return for their answers or other people's answers
Gepostet am 21.08.08 07:17.
I am wonder how the rank works in Liferay in messageboards. I am current only at "Youngling" and only have 12 posts. If I post more, say 2000, might become yoda.
Your idea can be used for expert finder in knowledge management, based on the category of the topic.
Gepostet am 25.08.08 23:22 als Antwort auf Michael C. Han.