Enforms brings you advanced capabilities to collect information from users and take it over your business with your custom workflow.
Within the app you can create multi page forms with a wide set of form elements and define a workflow, where you can set the visible and editable form elements for all steps, define conditions, send emails and create real parallel routes.
From now on, you don't have to integrate Google Forms or other 3rd party solutions to create intelligent forms, because Enforms will bring you all the functionalities you need and help you keep your data within your environment.

The key features of Enforms:
  • Multi page forms with 13 different form elements with validation and customization
  • Elements can be repeatable by the user
  • Advanced workflow engine developed for Enforms with intelligent workflow validation
  • Ad hoc assignees, parallel workflow branches and a lot of script driven functions in the workflow
  • Controlled file upload directly to Liferay Document Library or file system through forms
Latest Changes
Bug fixes and some new features, like:
- Single form display portlet
- "First draft can be deleted" base property for forms
- Drafts of the first Task node can be deleted if "First draft can be deleted" is true
- Export to XLS function
- Landing page can be set for Task nodes
- Email attachment placeholders are usable in Email node templates
- Forms can't be published without valid workflow
- Updated filling value getter utility functions

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