ECL Translation

The portlet allows, at the press of a button, Liferay content to be sent to the translation platform of ECL Translation Services where it will be translated by a team of professional translators.
The portlet assigns an ID to each request and counts the number of words of the content.
As soon as ECL completes the translation, the person who requested it will be notified by email at which point the translation can be retrieved from the portlet itself.
Once approved, the translation is uploaded automatically in the location of the requested language, preserving the original format.

The portlet also features:
  • A list to check all translations sent, received and being processed.
  • An interactive chat between the customer and the translation team.
ECL will send a regular report showing the number of translation requests made including the following details as a minimum:
  • ID of the content, date sent, date received, name of the requester, languages requested, number of words and cost of the translation.

To use the portlet it is necessary to pre-programme it using the credentials of an ECL translation platform user, which can be requested by contacting:

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