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Project Description#

The tab portlet would be a portlet aggregator portlet which users could use to assign portlets to each tab. A possible workflow scenario would be:

  1. user adds tab portlet to portal geometry.
  2. user positions tab portlet
  3. user enters tab portlet configuration and assigns # of tabs and tab names
  4. user saves configuration

Scenario can take two paths here (one or the other)


  1. user selects a tab
  2. user adds a portlet to the page geometry
  3. user drags portlet onto tab
  4. repeat


  1. user enters tab portlet configuration
  2. user assigns a portlet instance to each tab

Project Requirements/Objectives#

To provide a generic way to add small or large tabs to a portal page geometry

Initial Project Scope#

<outline the initial project scope>

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach#

I would consider implementing this with divs which can be hidden an otherwise manipulated to create a very easy / quick tab environment.

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Would be nice to add Tab Portlet on this page... Raja Nagendra Kumar 6. Juni 2012 21:08

Would be nice to add Tab Portlet on this page and show it working with live example..
Gepostet am 06.06.12 21:08.