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Shared Calendar

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Shared Calendar is a very on-demand feature nowdays. I know there is something called scope for Calendar events but that doesn't fully feature Shared Calendar.

I am looking at some Calendar which we can share across communities, users, etc.

Just think of an example, if I am building portal for some Education Department which handles many schools under them. Now here each school is treated as different community or different organization. Thus if one school wants to check out the calendar of another school, I dont know how to do it.

I have started with something but its not completed. What I have done is added an extra tab in calendar portlet. This extra tab has Scope drop down for communities. On selecting any other community from that, Calendar will start showing events for that selected community.

I am really not sure that this is enough or not or is it a right way or we can put it little more generalized or not.

If we can include such feature in next versions, it will be of great use.

See Calendar improvements

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You might want to see the list of Calendar... Lisa Simpson 21. September 2009 08:41

You might want to see the list of Calendar improvements. I think what you're looking for is in there.
Gepostet am 21.09.09 08:41.