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Navigation Bar

If there is a feature on this list that is important to you, please leave a comment stating so OR vote (thumbs up) for someone else's comment.  The more votes a given feature has, the more likely it is to be included. 

Please note:  This is not to be confused with the Navigation PORTLET, which has its own page!

Community Posts are referenced here... Please put comments/voting on this page - Post 1, Post 2, (and many more in this vein)

  • Nav bar should be "skinnable" per instance, org, community, or group
  • Make it easier to skin nav bar
    • Have nav portlet check for icons and display them - No more hacking portlet.vm to include it
    • Have standard CSS options for displaying icons - active, hover, etc. 
    • Ability to upload icons for each state from control panel
  • Allow for uploading of background image for nav bar from control panel
  • Allow for styling of text from control panel
  • Ability combine icons & text
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